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We work with our employees to assist them into finding their right place in our firm and the world. BLGN Tech is assured on hiring the most ambitious and competent people from all over the globe. We believe in commitment, diversity, balance and success; if you are looking for a firm to realize your potentials, check out our vacancies and contact our department at

Mechanical Engineer in Training– Vacancy open until 16/06/2019

Mechanical Engineer in Training (MET) is a learning position for new graduates of engineering degrees. The more experienced supervisors will guide the MET and assist them in simple mechanical tasks, production progresses and analyses. The MET is always welcome to develop or modify parts, designs for improvement purposes. We expect the MET to be ambitious, cautious and eager to pay attention to the supervisors and senior engineers within our firm.

Senior CNC Machinist– Vacancy open until 16/06/2019
Machine Shop

The CNC Machinist is expected to determine the fixtures, processes and tools that we produce on the CNC or manual machines. It is required that the CNC Machinist have over three years of experience in our field, is able to write CNC programs and able to set up the processes without supervision.

Quality Inspector – Vacancy open until 23/06/2019
Quality Assurance

We are looking for a Quality Inspector to perform under the supervision of the seniors. The Quality Inspector will take role in the machine shop and receive inspection.

Purchasing Intern – Vacancy open until 23/06/2019

The Purchaser/Buyer within BLGN Tech is involved in the commodity items; electrical components, raw materials, processed pars, ready to print parts, sheet metals etc. Concludes the type of items to be purchased; machinery, tools, supplies. Analyses the distribution of merchandise, materials and supplies.

It's a privilege to work here as I learn something new everyday, from the founder himself.

- Burak Deniz CNC Operator